SOPHIE’S SOFA is our first project. It is a show aimed at all audiences where the humor, tenderness and absurdity are present at all times. We use physical theater and magic as a language. Magic does not appear linked to the figure of the classical magician who has a direct communication with the audience. It is not a succession of magical games but rather intrinsic part of the story. The sound language is also very important. The entire show is accompanied by piano music. It has original music by Daniel Tarrida and also musical arrangements of pieces by Satie.

SINOPSIS Sophie is an old lady who lives with a peaceful routine in her living room. One day her sofa comes to life and goes with her through the best moments of her memories. Though those moments last only a short time, it is a wonderful experience to share them with her. Who does not smile when they remember something that made them happy and that created an intensely live emotion? Details of the show Genre: Gesture Theater and Magic.Audience: All audience.Running time: 55 min. Artistic credits Photo gallery Technical data Download Dossier