Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Rock. Paper. Scissors. is an unexpected adventure in which two children, lost in the mountains, learn the value of friendship. Helped by their ingenuity and fantasy, they will survive the inclemency of the place and discover that important things should not be left to fate.

This new challenge in their lives will make them live an unforgettable adventure that will help them mature and understand so that not everything can be drawn by lot, but the time has come to make decisions especially if it is to face this route together and not break the friendship that unites them. For this, your knowledge of survival techniques, your imagination and the great love and respect you feel for the other and for Nature itself will be of great help.

Rock. Paper. Scissors…

Reality transforms and the adventure emerges. Everything is distorted, nothing is what it seems and we have to survive this new situation. The desire to excel will make them a little older in a new world, where it is no longer worth casting lots.

Growing up, quite a feat for everyone …


Rock. Paper. Scissors. A collective creation of Jose Rodríguez, Noelia Rosa and Ana Puerta
Direction: Noelia Rosa
Actors: Ana Puerta and Jose Rodríguez
Original Music and Sound Space: Héctor Eliel Márquez and Oscar Plano
Lighting Design: David Vioque
Scenography: Tuttilifamili
Invention-Magical Counseling: Gonzalo Albiñana and Jose Rodríguez
Costumes: Mª Teresa Puerta and Ana Puerta
Graphic Design: Jose Rodríguez
Original idea and Production: Tuttilifamili