Sophie’s Sofa

Sophie’s Sofa is a creation for all audiences where humor, tenderness and absurdity are present at every moment. Gestural theater and Magic are the ingredients to cook this tender story. Do not expect a traditional magic show but be prepared to be spellbound on an evocative journey through memories. The proposal of Tuttilifamili provokes in the spectator the smile of the one who remembers the decisive moment that made him happy, the pleasant evocation of the emotion vividly felt. The original piano music of Daniel Tarrida and Héctor Eliel along with the arrangements on the compositions of Erik Satie complete this brilliant debut


Sophie is an old woman who lives in her living room a peaceful routine. One day her sofa comes alive and accompanies her through the best time of her, and your, memories, and although they last just a moment, it can be a wonderful experience to share them with her. Who does not smile while remembering something that made him happy and that made him live intensely an emotion?


Genre: gestural theater and Magic.
Public: all public.
Duration: 55 min.


Original concept: Tuttilifamili
Production: Tuttilifamili
Direction: Javier Pérez de la Torre
Supervision: Rosa Díaz
Actors: Ana Puerta y Jose Rodríguez
Costumes: Mª Teresa Puerta
Scenography: Ana Puerta y Jose Rodríguez
Original Music and Sound Space: Daniel Tarrida, Héctor Eliel y Erik Satie
Musical Arrangements: Daniel Tarrida y Héctor Eliel
Lighting Design: José Carrión
Lighting Operator: David Calero
Coreography: Alba Mata
Photography: Ángel Guzmán
Graphic Design: Enrique Mellado y Jose Rodríguez